Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Sister, Cheryl

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As promised, sis. =)

P/S: Oh, just in case some of you don't get it, Damansara Perdana's where my sister stays in KL and of course, Pasir Puteh's our hometown in Ipoh. She's the first person I know who doesn't know dp stands for display picture. LOL.


sis said...

virtual harassment!

wadefish said...

in other words, it's called creativity.

Dreams,Memories,Stories,Thoughts said...

haha,ur sister and u are very funny!haha,play and argue like friends,hehe.sometimes,i did that with my younger brother.Fun!!

Anonymous said...

haha, tats funny....rili...s

wadefish said...

ws: hehe. what's family for anyways?

km: yeah man. it's like candid. she was caught unawares.