Monday, May 04, 2009

The 8-Questions Theory Expounded


As we all know, many Facebook addicts are hyped over the "How Well Do You Know XXX?" quiz. I got sucked into it as well; not of my own free will (in a way) as I never wish to be conformed to the majority. However, I did Chooi Yee's quiz and I scored badly; it can be justified though because her questions don't evaluate how much you really know a person. In the midst of our argument with each other, I challenged her and hey, presto!; a quiz of my own. I devised the quiz in such a way that all questions were scenario-based. For me, asking someone how many siblings I have is not a question that can evaluate how much the person knows about me. And so, I created a pure personality quiz; if Chooi Yee scores badly (which she did), I'd feel less guilty in a way.

Below were the 8 questions I ingeniously made (right answers are in italic and bold). Let's take a stroll through my park of questions and I'll justify the answers to your satisfaction (hey, it rhymes!?).

1) An old man/pregnant woman boards a packed LRT. I will

a) get up and willingly give up my seat.
b) joke and laugh about it with my friends.
c) be ignorant; what happens around me doesnt matter. 
d) avoid any eye contacts; lest i should feel guilty.
e) be ashamed of the selfish people around me.

Alright, many actually chose a) as the answer. Well, thank you for having such good perception of me but I tend to be apathetic to these little things. Call me heartless but hey, that's an honest evaluation of myself. I wouldn't give my seat up for the world especially in a packed LRT. There will always be this kind soul who would do it and that kind soul's just ain't me. I'm essentially selfish by nature, you see.

2) Given a choice, I will

a) be in the Mass Communications line.
b) be a film/movie director or scriptwriter.
c) be a full-time worker/missionary.
d) be in a rock band. 
e) still want to be an economist.

Well, many got this right; nothing much to dispute about. It's a tough call, personally, for me to choose the right answer myself but for those who chose a), yes, you're close. Missed by an inch I would say but music has always been my passion, if you don't know by now. If you chose e), WOAH, just so you know, I didn't exactly CHOOSE to do Economics in UM.  

3) It's my last day on earth. I will

a) approach the girl I like and confess to her.
b) eat all the good food I can.
c) travel around the world.
d) curse and swear because I never had enough fun.
e) love like never before. 

I know I curse alot but isn't d) abit ridiculous? Why, you guys must think I'm a foul-mouthed brat! Dude, if it's really my last day, I'd be repenting instead of doing something idiotic as said in d). I'm hedonistic by nature but if it's Ragnarok, I'd make sure it's well spent; NOT in self-indulgence. 

4) In my world, there are only two choices. I will prefer

a) cold over heat. 
b) solitude over people.
c) games over studies.
d) thirst over hunger.
e) girls over friends.

Again, I drowned myself in a sea of tough choices. Eventually, I concluded a) would most accurately define me. I'd rather die of cold than heat anytime man. Some chose b), some c). But well, as much as I enjoy solitude, people satisfy a different level altogether in my hierarchy of needs (Maslow's Theory). Admit it; we're all social creatures. The same goes for c). As much as I despise studying, it's essential to my future as person and therefore, it's not something I'd give up just because I love fun as much as I hate studying.   

5) I did something terribly wrong. I tend to

a) remain silent and hope no one notices.
b) stubbornly refuse to admit my mistake.
c) swallow my pride and apologise.
d) justify and reason from my perspective. 
e) be apathetic; everyone has differing views.

Now, I must say I feel a little flattered when most chose c) as the answer. Yes, at times I do, but being the egoist that I am, most of the time, I tend to justify and reason from my perspective. I have alot of pride but my pride comes with reason. 

6) I make a promise. Most of the time,

a) I'm a man of my word.
b) I fail to keep it.
c) I forget about it until someone reminds me.
d) I try not to. 
e) janji itu macam tahi. (Shin Chan)

Many believe that I'm a man of my word. Sadly, I failed myself and other people, on countless occassions. Now, I try as much as possible not to make any promises, even if I'm 90% sure that I'll keep it. But when I do, I'm a man of my word. 

7) It's always

a) inner beauty that attracts me first, then outer.
b) outer beauty that attracts me first, then inner. 
c) a combination of inner&outer beauty that matters.
d) the "feel" between two people that matters.
e) better to be single.

Haha, thanks guys. If I ever talked to you about girls before, this question is a bonus. No matter what you say about inner beauty over outer beauty, believe me; every guy goes for the outer beauty first. So what if you have great inner beauty but I can't even bear to look at you? Heck, I wouldn't even want to know you so how would I ever experience that inner beauty of yours? But when the outer beauty's okay, you'd soon find that the inner beauty enhances the outer beauty. An average looking person with inner beauty can be the most beautiful person. But the initial attraction will always be the outward appearance. This can go a long way; maybe we can have a drink over this issue. Members of the opposite sex are most welcomed. =D   

8) Politics (in Malaysia) is

a) a dirty, corrupted game.
b) hopeless.
c) a money game where the rich&powerful wins. 
d) something which doesn't concern me.
e) survival of the fittest.

No doubt politics is dirty and corrupted in Malaysia. Yes, it's even a matter of survival of the fittest. Eat or be eaten. A part of me is dead towards politics; hopeless for that matter. My consistent views though, are always in line with c). You can talk about change, you can start reformed movements, you can even win in elections. But in the end, it's always the rich and powerful who "wins". Justice is not always served the way we want it. Let us not lose heart, for the God of justice said, "Vengeance is mine. I will repay." Anyway, how can you people choose d)?? Yeah, I'm apathethic and ignorant in many respects but this? You must be kidding.

Phew. I beg your pardon for the length but I thought it best to expound on the reasons behind my seemingly inaccurate answers to the 8 questions I made. It's an honest evaluation of myself; I actually put myself in the particular situation and thought hard before deciding the right answer for each question. I hope I put you in a better light now, of the person that I am.


pismayka said...

haha i tried guessing the answer before looking at it. n if i actually did ur quiz i would prob have got 0% or 12%? haha i guess i didn't really know you well.

and oh talking bout promises, u owe me i-forgot-how-many cups of starbucks clarence choong weng kiiii!

wadefish said...

don't worry, everyone who took the quiz scored lower than 50% except for one friend of mine. LOL.

wait, what? maybe one or two cups only ok. what forgot-how-many cups har! don't try to take advantage of me irene chin min hueyyyy!

pismayka said...

yes ar? so little only meh? so, so, Mr. Man of ur words, i'm waiting! hahaha