Friday, May 08, 2009

The Conversation

Mr.B: Ya know sir, it's time we let them boys out by now. It's gettin' a lil' crowded in there.

Mr.C: Look, Mr.B, I told you. There's no place to let them out here, understand? I've looked.

Mr.B: Naye, sir. You've never gotten up from that seat of yours ever since ya sat down. I suggest we start gettin' up and go a-lookin'.

Mr.C: I said, I've looked! I saw people getting up, okay? Can you stop antangonising me man? Give me some space would you?

Mr.B: Alright, sir. Your wish is my command.

(A moment of awkward silence)

Mr.B: Say, sir. Don't you feel uncomfortable keepin' them boys in for so long?

Mr.C: Oh, for Pete's sake, Mr.B! Stop with the questions already! I'm not exactly having fun here if you will understand. But we've got no choice alright?

Mr.B: Them boys are gettin' more with time if you notice, sir.

Mr.C: Yes, I understand, Mr.B. I've done what I can to reduce their growth rate. Now, if you would just leave me alone for a moment, would you?

Mr.B: Alright, alright. Your call, sir. Totally.

(Another moment of awkward silence)

Mr.B: Say, sir. You wouldn't wanna push them boys to the limit. They might just break out in a revolt and embarass you, sir.

Mr.C: I'll be an old man for that to happen.

Mr.B: You will be one day, sir.

Mr.C: Would you just shut up? I'm young, strong, and healthy right now. And I have total control. There's nothing you can do about it so quit whining.

Mr.B: Not so much of me, sir. Them boys are doin' the whining. I'm just speakin' out for them.

Mr.C: Look, I'm the one taking the bumps and I'm the one keeping them in. What are your complains?

Mr.B: Ain't no complains sir. If you would just get up...

Mr.C: Oh, for the last time, Mr.B! I told you, this is an Economy Class! Can't you understand??

Mr.B: Alright, sir. Calm down. You wouldn't want them boys to spill out.

Mr.C: If you would just be a little more cooperative here, it would help alot.

Mr.B: How so, sir?

Mr.C: Just shut up, give me a peace of mind, and I'll let the boys out in a nice place when we reach later. You'd feel better and I'd feel better. How bout that?

Mr.B: Sounds good to me, sir. We ain't got no choice anyways as you put it.

(A last moment of awkward silence)

Mr.B: Don't blame me if I can't work one day and you have to let them boys out every ten minutes when you're 60, sir.

Try holding your piss for 3 hours on a train. You bladder would start talking to you too.


Anonymous said...

I don't really get the conversation >.< let the boys out to where? lol

wadefish said...

lol. erm. just think of pissing.

pismayka said...

ommmmmggg i can't stop laufing. hahahhahahahaha