Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Of Sunshine And Rain

And you think that sunshine follows after a rain? Think again.

After all the circus that happened in Ipoh, the Rakyat finally rejoiced yesterday when the High Court ruled that Nizar is the rightful Menteri Besar of Perak. People began to see the silver-lining they have all been looking out for. Finally, public confidence in the independence of the Malaysian judiciary can be restored. Or so we thought.

Of course, we thought that the decision has already been made when Sivakumar was thrown out like a drunkard on Thursday and knowing how corrupted everything is; but all credits go to Justice Abdul Aziz Abd Rahim for his courage and fairness. However, today, all hopes were dashed when the Court of Appeal suddenly became ultra efficient and granted Zambry's application for stay through a single judge; Perak returns to square one. The Silver State is now in a greater impasse than it already is; from two Menteri Besar to practically none. What a limbo!  

How independent is the judiciary then? How much of justice and fairness can we expect from this present judiciary? I dare not say. I believe that ultimately, justice only prevails when power is returned to the Rakyat. Dissolve the State Legislative Assembly and let the people vote. No more of this constitutional crisis as to who is the legitimate Menteri Besar of Perak. But will the Sultan of Perak consent to the dissolution of the State Legislative Assembly this time? I dare not hope anymore. I dare not pre-rejoice as politics in Malaysia has proven that sunshines don't come after a rain.


katan said...

Bro, you are quite passionate on issues like this...so my question is this: have you registered yourself to vote? Cause ain't much credibility on your part if you gripe much but have yet to register to vote...:)

wadefish said...

bro, i'm not 21 yet. :( will register after my birthday this year. no snap elections for me i guess (if it will ever happen).