Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Thank you, brothers and sisters, for all the encouragement.

I value them, more than anything else.

I got through the Sime Darby assessment, and I'll be going for the final interview tomorrow.

Which way will I go?

What will it be?

Life is waiting for you
It's all messed up but we're alive
Life is waiting for you
It's all messed up but we'll survive

Our Lady Peace - Life


tu xin said...

all the best yeh :D

pravin said...

all the best bro...

wanshing said...

hey,finally got ur news...
well , u are always a smart and well-organised person in my mind.all of us sure face difficulties,it depends on how u face it.I feel stressful for my course also.but I believe God has purpose for everyone and He is always on our side.Gambateh!when we face lonely or have any negative thoughts in mind,we will always remember that God loves us.

wadefish said...

tuxin : thanks, sister =)

pravin : thanks, bro =)

wanshing : hey there. thanks for the encouragement. been so long since i hear from you. hope you're doing fine too. keep in touch ok? i'm always reachable through blog. =)

wanshing said...

ok!!then keep in touch thru ur blog la!all the best!:>