Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Bro Code

For origins of The Bro Code, click on the link in the title. This would run for some time in my blog, I guess. Till I have better posts.

The Bro Code Article #60

Should a Bro be near to closing with a girl, his Bro shall do anything within his means to ensure the desired outcome, up to and including the seduction of said girl’s wildly unattractive cousin / friend / mother.

Many more to come, ladies and gentlemen. Guess me + Yo will do some editing to Barbanas Stinson's Bro Code. Here are some extended articles, by the Great Yohanand.

Article 26

Article 53
Article 89
Article 63



yohanand said...
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yohanand said...

Needs to be lengthened as Fake Bro's may find loophole's in this contract which their lawyers may capitalize on when used in defences. They may then be capable of pleeding for the case to be retrialed in a "Friends" court... yuck..