Monday, July 07, 2008

From UM With Love

Dear all,

It's been one of the longest weeks in my life, but nevertheless, I survived the orientation.

Everything's fine here, the room's okay, my roomies are alright, and basically, I met many new friends. Language is a problem though because I don't speak Mandarin. Guess I have to adapt. Food's edible, though at times I have to swallow them. The orientation week sucks big time. I guess some people just don't grow up. But it's OVER. And life begins.

Bad news for the week as my grandmother had a stroke. She's stable now, but still under observation. Prayers are needed, thank you.

Have been nourishing myself with food and sleep after one week of "torture". Went to gramps and bro took me around abit for the food debt I owe my stomach. And when I say torture, please don't have in mind any kinds of Nazi-style punishment or the like. The torture in my case is more inclined towards mental torture, where they try to kill you with boredom.

Enough said bout the negatives. UM is a good place, with lots of monkey. We practically saw a live invasion by one of the monkeys into a room. Economics faculty is about 10-15 minutes walk everyday, so I guess I'll be fitter with time. And not forgetting, the babes =) Yea, don't be jealous. The population of male and female in my college is by a ratio of 1:3. HAHA. =) My timetable's cool too. Quite relaxed everyday, just a few hours of lecture and tutorial. On Fridays, the class is till 10 a.m., so it will be convenient for me to go back to Ipoh.

Oh well, I'm onlining using one of my newly met friend's friend's account. Still waiting for approval for my registration. Will be done in about a week, hopefully. These are some updates.

With love,



pismayka said...

i knew it! u were eyeing on d babes! no i mean staring...haha...wat type of gay r u lar? such a disgrace 2 da gay species..haha

Anonymous said...

fren, u sound a bit pathetic! what happened to the cheerful and sarcastic dude from ipoh?????? haha
- the saint -

Steven Chang said...

wow great! friday class till 10am. can come back every week la like that? ratio 1:3? Bro, I'm counting on you this time! hahaha! anyway, take carez n see ya soon!

wadefish said...

pismayka : hmm..i should consider turning straight already. chances here to get a gay partner is low considering the ratio =)

thesaint : unc. will, i'm still me. just a lil' tired from the hustle and bustle. will return sarcastic soon, i guess =)

steven : no prob bro. sharing is caring. i'll intro some to you la, those i don't want ones. XD yea, can come back but then again, not that often la. cause my life is here now =)

carmen said...

always also babes, babes and BABES!!! haiz.. Nvm.. at least im sure my bro is still my bro..haha..
Good that ur class ends at 10. Can come back every weekend.. then got ppl bring me out to makan..yay!!!

wadefish said...

carmen : yea, ure a babe too wert! don worry, wont forget you =) woah, every week? u think bus ticket cheap ah? @@

pravin said...

bro, its great to know that ure in um.. btw, pravin here.. remember me? stumbled upon ur blog from somewhere.. neway, add me up.. its been a long time, since i talked to u.. take care man, peace..

wadefish said...

pravin : hey bro of course i remember you. thanks for dropping by. catch up some time soon k? take care =)