Thursday, July 10, 2008

A World Of Thoughts

I am no orator.

How I long to verbalize my thoughts.

Often I find myself thinking, but always unable to turn thoughts into spoken words. I can only pen them down; how I wish I have the gift of an orator.

Indeed, I am an unintelligible teacher.

Unable to cope with verbal communication, I am left trapped in a world of ideas. Many may disagree with this statement, but free yourself from delusion; for I only impress with meaningless words.

I want to speak with substance. I want to make myself heard; not in the same manner anymore.

I want to speak with the mind.

The ideal state is a state ruled by philosophers.


pismayka said...

ah gung! oohh i'm 1st again =D
hmmm....though i haven't known u 4 long but i think u've got d gift of an orator alrite. ur words dun sound meaningless substance ar. if ur speech's oso considered as substanceless then mine would b like crap? haha x)..d way u talk's cool...a mixture of crappiness n' substance...couldn't b better hehe...if u try 2 sound more serious then u'll really sound like an ah gung lar clarence...=)

Anonymous said...

You're always greater than you think you are. You are someone with substance. Just be who you really are.

wadefish said...

pismayka : thanks for the encouragement my dearest friend. again, i would say everyone differs in gifts. and maybe i am less gifted in the area of speaking.

anonymous : thank you so much for your encouragement. i'm blessed by it =)

Discordant Dude said...

"The ideal state is a state ruled by philosophers"

I smell Plato...

wadefish said...

bro : good nose you have there. it's Plato alright. indulging in philosophy; too much free time for now =) btw, what happened to your blog, bro?