Friday, June 27, 2008

Short Titles, Long Posts Ain't Cool; Long Titles, Short Posts Are.

Once, a friend of mine said, "Time flies like birds." The moment we heard it, many of us burst out in laughter at the queer statement. Yes, he got rather tongue-tied and brain-jammed when it was his turn to share in a group.

Now, the question posed would be, why birds? Why not, "Time flies like concords"? or "Time flies like light"? Why choose an organism with limited velocity to illustrate speed and not something more accurate, something with more velocity?

With utmost respect for my friend, I would say it doesn't make sense; and come to think of it, it was a rather stupid illustration. But then again, I often find myself referring to this metaphor when it comes to the motion of time. Why?

The truth is, birds are indeed the best epitome of time. Often, we do not notice the presence of the many birds around us, going about their day. They fly freely; often out of the boundaries of our vision and to lands unknown. And when we start to notice them, we realise that they have grown much; before they fly off again.

In the same way, often we get too caught up with life that we lose sight of time. We cease to remember that time is living, and it's moving. When our conscience hits us and time flies within the grasp of our vision again, we come upon the realization that time indeed has grown, and so have we. And then, time flies off again.

Memories are sweet, at the same time nostalgic. I wish I could stop reminiscing. Time indeed flew like birds.

This post would be around for some time folks; until I get my electronic wife to KL.


Dormiens said...

I hope Adam doesn't find your blog. XD

*ShOotiNgStaR* said...

nice blog:)

wadefish said...

dormiens : lol, bro, you rmb too eh? =)

shootingstar : thx, nice to meet you.