Friday, February 13, 2009

The Chronicles of Wadeland: His Story

Once upon a time in a land unbeknownst to man, lived a breathtakingly beautiful Wade. His name is Wadefish. He was the only creature in the land that has sense, enough at least to cover the entire Wade population. Now, I believe you may be asking questions as such: What is a Wade? In a coconutshell, a Wade is basically a creature that exists. Therefore, a Mathematical equation will be as such:

Wade = Existence

Therefore, none can truly say, "Look, bro. I'm no Wade. I don't belong to your stupid story.", because etched deeply inside everyone one of us, is a Wade. Now, that brings us to the next question, which would simply be: What Wade am I then? I, for one, do not yet know exactly the nature which determines one's Wade, but all I can say is, it's pretty much up to the Fish.

Back to the story.

Now, one fine and bright morning, Wadefish was taking a stroll along the river when he noticed aimless Wades sitting around the banks of the river. They were not doing anything at all; and if you know the exact definition of doing nothing, you'd pretty much get the idea that these Wades were as good as dead. Wadefish, overwhelmed with compassion for these helpless, useless Wades, immediately decided to do something. And so, he formed the Wade Clan, recruited all these Wades, and called each one of them by name. His purpose was to give them an aim in life, something which they can live and die for. And the land which they dwelt in was given the name - Wadeland.

To be continued...


erictbk said... do you pronounce Wadefish?
Does it sound like 'Hatefish' or 'WTF'?

wadefish said...

lol eric, maybe you should read helps alot.

hehe. =)

Arliexzter Szereal said...

erictbk said...

Haha...i did it all...well, it's WTF!!!i mean What the fish/wadefish..LOL

Arliexzter Szereal said...

is this..............crap?

liz said...

wadegibbon are you gorilla writing about? hahahaha. but very funny. serves its purpose (wadeverr it is), made me lol. hehehehe. good gung.

p/s: omgibbon. can't believe i miss you bullying me. T__T Gung when are you coming back?

pp/ss: tell you a big secret... MY BIRTHDAY'S COMING! Lalalaa~ advanced THANK YOUs for the PRESENTSSS. HAHAHA.

liz said...


wadefish said...

lol, wait for episode 2 coming soon. no inspiration yet. haha. dumbo. of course you miss me bullying you. cos my bullying gives you alot of pleasure =D

eh when your birthday la? you got birthday one meh? thought you burst out of stone. ahaha. female monkey god! and dat dumb article of yours is way more crap than all my crap put together.


liz said...

SHUDDUPP super huge mean perasan monster pig!!! i choose to remain silent. cuz you're soooo wrong.

owhh. so i burst out of stone laa? okay. you won't get your wishes and presents from this year onwards. HAH! bite me. lalalaa~