Monday, October 06, 2008

Earth To Bella

Before anything else, I just want to wish Mom,

Happy Birthday!

But this is not a boring birthday shoutout post, don't worry. There is so much to blog, but so little space. So many words to type, but so little time. So much thoughts, but so difficult to express. So, take a ride with me.

Many of you must be wondering if Rubella killed me. Well, no. I'm alive, and probably more alive than before. Yes, for those still in the unknown, Rubella struck when I had my Raya break. Basically, it's a holiday gone wrong for me. The only few days in beautiful Ipoh had to be spent stuck in my room, reading Calvin and Hobbes (the only comfort I had). But who could I blame? It's I, who hugged my Rubella stricken friend in the first place and stole the disease from him. It's I, who refused the vaccination provided by my beloved university. In exchange for a healthier body, and a stronger immune system, I chose the road not taken.

The road of Rubella.

Well, in the few days I spent itching, groaning, and cursing Rubella, I could only say I learnt nothing but endurance. It was one of the most torturing diseases one could get. You feel hot, you feel cold, one right after the other. Your throat feels so dry that you need fluid all the time. You can't sleep at night because of the heat from your body and the cold air from the air-cond. Your body contradicts and you suffer the consequences. Not forgetting the lumps, which stiffen the neck and it's painful, for goodness sake. Well, the after-effects couldn't be less worst either. I had a post-viral arthritis syndrome, where all my joints (fingers, wrists, legs) are swollen and they are kinda painful, similar to that of arthritis; the only difference being its temporal nature. Of course, as the rashes subsided, there was the itch which caused me two sleepless nights and thwarted my attempts at catching some afternoon naps. And one of the post-Rubella effects that I'm still wallowing in is dried lips. So dry, that it bleeds for no reason in the morning. The bleeding stopped by the way.

Many of my friends laughed at me, because I was laughing and joking all the time about the Rubella outbreak in my university before this. Some of them laughed, because they felt that I was "stupid" enough to refuse vaccination. But I, I will have the last, and perhaps, the longest and loudest laugh. Because at the end of it, I can point a finger at all of you who have not been through what I have been through and say, I did it my way. I made it, I survived, without man made, artificial immunity, which weakens the body's immune system eventually. I will laugh because all of you laughed at my wisdom which you labelled stupidity. I will live longer than every single one of you. I will be doing your eulogy. Muahahaha.

Hello Blog, Goodbye Blog.

No, I'm not wearing a straight jacket. I'm fine, thank you.

Rubella, Rubella, go away. Come again another day.



adrian said...

haha rubela boy...hope pl in um dun keep a radius with u around..hehe.. anyway.. happy bday to ur mum...come reverse polarity me anytime ahha..tcare bbxx~

bro said...

so there is value-added to my calvin & hobbes investment afterall :) glad you're well.

wadefish said...

adrian : mighty swing will be enough to settle you, son of juggernaut. people in UM sticking to me like glue okay. =) take care too, bro.

bro : i would say, it was a good investment indeed. really cheered me up during those few miserable days.

Steven Chang said...

Hey bro,

Rihanna sang :
" Umbrella ella ella eh eh eh.. Under my umbrella ella ella..."

And you sing :
" Rubella ella ella eh eh eh.. I've got rubella ella ella..."

haha! I thought of this when I listen to Rihanna's Umbrella on the radio just now.

Anyway, we gonna rock the world end of this year holidays...=D

wadefish said...

steven : lol, i like incubus' earth to bella. but thanks for the idea man. never thought of the umbrella song that way. = yea i'm gonna destroy ipoh when i'm back.

Anonymous said...

?? Your actually proud of yourself for being stupid enough to refuse a vaccination that finally made u suffer? "Medical research is a waste of money." says the mighty caveman.

- yoyoma

Anonymous said...

yoyoma = yolanda

wadefish said...

yoyoma @ yolanda : you shall laugh, but your will suffer the consequences of your ignorance. let the world label me stupid, because ultimately, i know better.

p/s : cavemen had a longer average lifespan compared to that of modern men.