Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Beauty And The Beast

Once, I thought this was beauty.

As I grew up, I felt that this was beauty.

Still, at one point in my life I felt that this was true beauty.

At times I was almost sure that this was beauty.

Then again, at times I felt that this was it.

But at then end of all comtemplations, I stumbled upon a truth. The truth that man sees beauty with the heart, and not the eyes. I come to realise, how volatile beauty is to the eyes alone, that man can choose to see beauty in anything and anyone when he wants to. At the same time, man can choose to not see beauty, at his leisure.

At the end of it, I realised that I still have not found beauty, because I am the contradiction of mankind. The beauty that I see with my eyes alone often stays, but the beauty that I see with my heart, is the beauty that is volatile. It is then that I come upon the conclusion that my heart is volatile, that I can never trust my heart.

And yet, when all else fades, I realise that I have found that beauty after all, where neither my heart nor my eyes cheat me. The beauty that resides in my subconscious. The beauty that is unchanging, in all circumstances. The beauty that is eternal. The beauty that is, love.

I have found you, beauty.

Thank you for your love.

P/S: Happy Birthday, Sis.


Dormiens said...

Brilliant post. Maybe I should try getting into UM. Do they teach you this stuff?

Cheryl said...

a very nice post,bro.."sentimental" in the words of Colin..;) glad you found the real beauty..;)

irene chin said...

interesting =)

adrian said...

beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder..

wadefish said...

dormiens : lol. UM don't bro. where did you get the idea? haha.

cheryl : grr. im not sentimental. i dont keep msgs in my phone. oops.

irene : aligato =)

adrian : dude, that line was supposed to be my title for the post. but i phrased it this way. beauty lies in the eyes of the beer holder. =)

thepinkbanana said...

Beer holder? I read that somewhere before okay. It's not you who phrased it. =P

wadefish said...

thepinkbanana : yea. you read it somewhere. you read it from my lips. duh-uh. and i just realised you have a really precise nickname. banana. exactly what you are.

Anonymous said...

Love is all around. =)