Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hum Hallelujah

A picture speaks a thousand words. Or feelings.


thepinkbanana said...

Congrats again =)

Se3keR said...

Hey bro! Congrats ya!
I'm sure u're happy about the scholarship...study smart ya?
Haha! take care!

tu xin said...

So to date, it's 3-1? Haha. Hey there :D Take care yeah.

wadefish said...

thepinkbanana : thanks. =)

se3ker : eh bro, it's not that much money as you told me la. a lil' more than ptptn loan only. you take care too.

tu xin : lol, no interview involved in this, so i guess its still 3-0. haha. you take care also. =)

Anonymous said...

dude, not as much, but stil, no need to pay back one oh... PTPTN need to pay back ler... darn sien, right after grad, belum apa apa, hutang tens of thousands RM

wadefish said...

c.s.p : dude, JPA scholarship is WAY, and let me repeat, WAY more than PTPTN. 8400 per annum, excluding fees. that means i get 700 per month, solely allowance. besides, they pay extra for thesis, stationaries, books, etc. yes, PTPTN sucks, but 1% interest now makes it less suckier. still, I'm one blessed child.

irene chin if you're reading this, c.s.p's not the acronym for char siew pau. it's for my doc friend here, coffee shop preacher. =)