Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mixed Tape

I sat and pondered upon the results of the public university. It's been hellofarollercoasterride for me. 2006, God-given results, yet was stuck in Form6. They say that lightning doesn't strike twice.

I guess they were wrong.

Here I am, 2008. Stuck, without any scholarship offers. My innermost desire is overseas. I have everything ready, including a placement in two of the universities in UK. But I have failed to get any scholarships, except for one last hope - Sime Darby. Well, that hope looks as bleak as can be. No news so far, except one mail which told me I've got the interview and I've to confirm my acceptance of it.

Lord, where?

First choice - USM, Mass Comm. They gave me UM, Econs instead. I'm not utterly disappointed, downhearted. I'm just amazed at how inefficient the whole system can be. Take a look at these two links below which Chris sent to me.

Again, I gratefully accept things which come my way. Everything is God-given, none of it of my own. Why should I fret? Why should I complain and count my woes? Lord, just show me what are Your plans for me. I've asked and I'm asking again that if it's Your will, so be it, whatever it may be. Anywhere You say, Lord.

This is the mixed tape of my life.

The rest is still unwritten.


CerealKiller said...

sigh. all the best to you, my dearest friend

Dormiens said...

Go for it bro. I pray that you trust in God's guidance as He leads you towards greater heights.

wadefish said...

cerealkiller : jonan? great to meet you in cyberspace.

dormiens : definitely bro. i'll see you in kl then? =)

Zachary Wu said...

The recent turn of event have got nothing to do with your results,nor the placement system. None of the applicants who applied for Mass comm in USM that i know actually got it.

This is actually because of the new condition that they started to enforce this year which is : A B (3.00) or above in Bahasa Malaysia or English in STPM.

Anyway, all the best in your future endeavors.

pismayka said...

i'm sure God was smiling when He saw dis post =] blessed r those who surrender 2 His will. hope's not lost. :)

wadefish said...

zach : i see. but its okay. i'm glad i got UM actually. blessing in disguise i guess. thx, all the best too.

pismayka : God onlines too, eh? i think i need His msn =D thx, friend. i'm optimistic =)

carmen said...

hei bro! God plans and we follow.. All the best man! =) But don't go too far, if not no ppl fetch me here and there and bring me out to eat next time.. =p

wadefish said...

carmen : thx, sis. just UM only for now. will try to come back often. will be missing you guys in church like mad even tho' I'm just two hours away. can't join all the fun and crazy activities =( i come back bring you out ok? after your SPM. promise =)

amelia said...

hey clarence..
just want to wish u gud luck..
all the best..
although i have just known u for a few months..
but i will also miss u like everyone else..
we will miss ur laughther..
take care..

Steven Chang said...

Hey clar my bro, I'm sure all these are God's plans and purpose for you. No matter where you are or how far you are from us, we are always right behind you, supporting you in every decision that you make. All the best to you ok? And keep us always in your mind as we keep you in ours. Will treasure every moment that we had together!=)

PS : Wait,this ain't farewell. This is a start of another great chapter in your life and bring it on! Let's make this moment a wonderful memory in your life!=p

carmen said...

you better keep your word!!!got comment here as evidence wan okay..dun alwiz bring dat koon kar wai and steven chang out oni..neglect me pula..hmph!!!muz bring me out after spm..provided if i din kena ns..i dun wan ns..i anti ns..

wadefish said...

amelia : sou, its dat you? or amelia low? haha. anyway, yea, its great to be able to know you. at least you respond to me now abit when i tease you. proves you're less shy with me =)

steven : bro, thanks for your encouragement and support. you guys will always remain close to my heart. yes, this indeed is not the ending, but the beginning of a beautiful journey. you take care over here, and press on for SPM =)

karmen : well, i sincerely hope my sister here doesn't get NS too, considering the fact that you're too lemah for it =D don't worry, even if you get, God's will lo.

Discordant Dude said...

hi zachary,

can you tell me where you get that information from?

and by 'english', i supposed you do not mean MUET but english literature?

wadefish said...

bro : fr wat cheryl told me, that "condition" has been "enforced" ever since her time but to very little effect. maybe this time round the government chose to really enforce it for a change.

amelia said...

its me..
ur sou la..

Zachary Wu said...

discordant dude: The rule was stated as part of the special condition for Communications in USM.

Mendapat sekurang-kurangnya Gred B (NGMP 3.00) pada
peringkat STPM mata pelajaran berikut:

 Bahasa Melayu / Bahasa Inggeris; dan

 Gred C (NGMP 2.00) mana-mana satu (1) mata
pelajaran berikut:
 Biology / Physics / Chemistry
 Mathematics S / Mathematics T / Further
Mathematics T

This is the link to the Syarat Khas Program.

And yes, by English I think they mean English Literature and not MUET.

Zachary Wu said...

Sorry broken link.
Here is the new one:

katan said...

Bro, will certainly miss ur presence in EY...U have been a wonderful and a great blessing to all of us. Just started to enjoy working with u and kick ur butt in COD4...haiz...take care. U will never be far away from our thoughts and prayers.

PS: will practice my dota and kick ur butt there too...:)

me&Him said...

heyyy. u'll be leaving soon then? awww. will miss you. =]

neway, ur TAGGED.

Anonymous said...

u have got all the advice u needed. Take care my fren n enjoy ur uni life plus all that is to come in kl. remember, once an ey always an ey - we shall always leave a place for u. Ngee sai chou ah!!!!! haha -the saint-

wadefish said...

katan : will miss all of you guys in ey alot. thanks alot, especially how you've been a mentor to me in so many ways. but what's this about COD4 and butt-kicked? i don't remember it happening. and yea, will wait for the time when i come back and we can truly challenge each other in dotA =D

joan : hey there! yea, will be leaving this coming saturday with a heavy heart. tagged? will do it asap. my first tagged post =)

thesaint : thanks for the well wishes unc.william. and thanks for all the WORK so far, because i've truly learned from everything. will try to come back as often as possible =) btw, ur pinyin wrong la! it's em sai chou. haha =)

timothy wong said...

eh yo.. sorry to hear that you didn't get your 1st choice.. i guess just trust in god and the doors he opens and closes right? haha i see a lot of other people commented adi so i won't say more.. lol... wanna go supper again some time? haha if you got time before you leave...

wadefish said...

tim : yea bro, its all good in God's hands. sure man, will contact you and arrange another meeting. yo's back by the way. we can go for kungfu panda. =)