Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Presenting... Chicken Meat.Chicken Meat Five

Undergraduates from the Faculty of Economics & Administration, University of Malaya, present Statistics II.

Good English:

"By using the Z-test, we can conclude that at a 0.05 level of significance, there is sufficient evidence of a difference in mean for the variables selected."

New English:

"By using the jackass, we can conclude that at a jirou point jirou fi level of significant, there is sufficient evident of a different in mean for the variable selected."

Points To Ponder:

1) Presentations ≠ Assignments. They are supposed to be precise and concise. The lecturer doesn't need another copy of your assignment in powerpoint format.

2) Presenting ≠ Reading. The lecturer and your friends (not all though) are intelligent people. They can read.

3) English ≠ Mandarin. Do not speak loudly and fluently in Mandarin before the presentation. You will mess your languages up.

4) Quantity ≠ Quality. Do not put slides filled to the brim with words and numbers in your presentation. Not all your fellow undergraduates are easily fooled.

5) Speed ≠ Fluency. Reading hastily (or scrolling through slides) without any pauses doesn't show that you're fluent in English. Nor does it show your knowledge. Superman would not have caught a word.

Just some food for thought.

P/S: If you don't know by now, jirou = chicken meat in Mandarin.

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