Thursday, April 10, 2008

5th April 2001

Daph : Have you read the latest post on your brothers' blogs?

Me : Nope. But I do visit their blog. What's the latest?

Daph : I'm just asking whether you read their post or not.

Me : Yeah, I do browse through their blog.

Daph : Latest post??

Me : Er, no. What's it about?

Daph : Your dad.

Above was the rough conversation I had with Daph on the phone just moments ago. Immediately, I went to my brothers' blogs and read Colin's latest post on a person that seem so far away to me now. Dad.

12.00 am, my phone's reminder set off. As I reached for my phone, I wondered who's birthday it was. When I took it out, the reminder read "daddy". Yes, it's dad's anniversary, 5th April 2008, 7 years since he's left.

Much of who dad is has been elaborated in Colin's blog. I totally agree with all that he wrote, a precise description of most of dad's characteristics. But I myself felt compelled to post one on my own, my memories with dad.

Being the youngest, my memories with dad are different altogether. I remember the times he fetched me from school with his trademark Honda Accord and we shared sweets. Times he accompanied me to bed. Times we laughed and tickled each other. The time we fought over watching Global or WWF ( WWE now ). Times the electricity went out, and we sang Christian hymns from the blue book he printed for our family. The time he comforted me when mom didn't allow me to rare the puppy I brought home. Times he asked me to spell different words. Times he walked up and down the house, after dinner. Times I helped him pull his few strands of moustache. The time he carried me everywhere, when I had an accident and could not walk. Times he bought me my favourite comic book, Dragon Ball. Times I went to pasar malam with him. The time he bought me a remote control car when I burnt my legs. And times, so much times, that words could not say it all.

That night, I was next to him. I witnessed it all. And every time I think about that night, it hurts. It makes me stop doing whatever I am doing. I pause completely. Often, I choose not to think about it. But, you're not forgotten. Memories of you will always be in my heart.

How I miss the times when we talked and joked. But what remains now are the distant memories of the past. 7 years have gone so fast. I will be entering university soon. I have become a son you would be proud of, if you're here.

A tribute to Daddy, the greatest dad.


Discordant Dude said...

yep, the greatest dad... 'nuff said.

colin said...

A touching piece. Indeed, how much we missed him...