Wednesday, March 26, 2008

To Dare Is To Do

It's been ages since I blog, I know. But the blogging feel just returned lately, what can I do? Currently : very busy applying for scholarships and universities. I so wanna go UK. The IELTS exam is a pain in the ass.

Anyway, this post, is not about me. It's about my favourite club in the world : Tottenham Hotspur. I am a football fan. Over the weekend, I sat for 4 hours in front of the intelligent box, watching the MU Vs Liverpool and Chelsea Vs Arsenal match consecutively. It was breath-taking, especially the latter.

Well, it isn't easy, supporting a club that not many people do. It isn't easy, especially when PEOPLE ( I hate all of you ) around you are MU supporters, often taunting, mocking, and ridiculing you. But nevertheless, Tottenham Hotspur has proven itself worthy of my support and love, over time. It wasn't as beautiful before Ramos took over. Yes, Jol, we know you did hell lot of good with the club, but you just weren't producing results. So, it's sayonara to you, soldier.

I do agree though, that the true revolution of Tottenham did not begin with Ramos, but with Martin Jol, the former manager. Thanks to his many changes, ideas, buying and selling of players, Tottenham became serious contenders for the Top Four spot, for at least two seasons. That was before his downfall. But lets not forget, it was Jol who signed the genius Berbatov. And not just Berbatov, but Aaron Lennon, Jermaine Jenas, Steed Malbranque, Tom Huddlestone and even Michael Dawson, all who are part of the current first team, the core of Tottenham Hotspur. And while Jol's contribution cannot be brushed off, Ramos himself was a revolution and turned many fortunes around in Tottenham, in light of Jol's dismissal.

Ramos was a man of actions. Jol's downfall was his own making. What he did not do was take the right actions at the right time. Players who were not performing were not left out. Jol stuck to his first team in every game, afraid to make changes, afraid to antagonise any of his players. But when Ramos came to town, everything was different. He showed the players who's the boss around.

Changes that he made include introducing a healthy diet for all his players, which saw that fat and non-performing Tom Huddlestone turned slim and started taking beautiful free-kicks, corners and attempts on goal. Ever since the arrival of Ramos, Jenas was transformed from a slack midfielder, to a creative and clever playmaker. And of course, the combination of Berbatov and Keane was lethal, but again, Ramos often reminded these two that they are not the ideal pair even though they are favourites to start as first team forwards. With Ramos' principles in mind and Darren Bent fighting for a place, Keane and Berbatov would definitely buck themselves up in every training session.

For that clumsy, butter-fingered, Paul Robinson, Ramos used him as a substitute for a run of games after a series of poor peformances, to teach him a lesson that he had to earn his place to be in the first team, and completely wiped out the mentality of I-should-be-in-the-first-team-since-I-am-England's-top-goalkeeper. Not forgetting, that idiot Younes Kaboul, who cost Tottenham a few games with his slack defending, was left out and now, he is warming the bench. And of course, all credits to Ramos for the signing of two top-class players : Jonathan Woodgate ( who scored the winner in Carling Cup final against Chelsea ) and Alan Hutton. Tottenham's defence was strengthen with their arrival and the timely return of Ledley King.

The selling of Jermaine Defoe was a good move too, considering that he did not understand the idea of fighting for a place, but instead, kept demanding for a first team start, and not even performing when he came on as a substitute. He even missed a penalty. Now how about that?? Finally, even Chimbonda was punished with a fine for throwing his tantrum when he was substituted in the Carling Cup final. Now that's what we call a top-class, world-class, manager.

When Ramos arrived, many thought he was a selfish man, only acting in the interest of himself. Many thought he left Sevilla for Tottenham, tempted by the lucrative offer. As much as we cannot deny that, yes, Ramos was driven by money, we too cannot deny the fact that he is worth what he is paid for. Every game so far has further proven his credentials, especially winning the Carling Cup, Tottenham's first major cup victory in 9 years. And together with Gus Poyet, they form a formidable managerial team, which I believe, in time, would lead Tottenham Hotspur to greater glory. Yes, many will laugh, considering Tottenham's 11th position in the Premier League. But let's all remember that Ramos took over the mess that Jol made at the bottom of the table, and at least, pulled Tottenham up from the shambles that they were in and eventual relegation prospects. Ramos, you have my faith. It's the dawn of a new era, where a new Big Four would emerge.

Thank goodness it wasn't Keegan who replaced Jol. Hell knows what would have happened if he was.


Discordant Dude said...

damn bro... u should educate me more on soccer...

Anonymous said...

for tottenham to be where there are right's like they have won the epl!!! u can be proud of them ;)-the saint-

wadefish said...

discordant_dude : i wish im in that football crazy country of urs bro. esp london. dats wher my team is!

thesaint : lol. is dat supposed to be sarcastic, uncle william? but im proud indeed =)

Anonymous said...

tottenham 1 - 4 newcastle yeahhhhhhhhhhh

tu xin said...

hah God bless the times when i clicked on your link and found the same old post..each time.until today.hurrah.

write more. i wanna read.

wadefish said...

to anonymous : i bet you're some dumb MU supporter! reveal urself. im gonna get you, bwahaha.

to tu xin : lol. first update in ages. will try to update!