Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Adventures Down Under

Reached here on 10/12/2007. Weather's alright. It's Camerons Plus over here. And they call this summer. Man, I'll be an ice cube if it's winter. Plane ride was fun. My first ever, and I had a great time EATING and of course, enjoying the shows.

Well, my first trip after reaching Melbourne was to Phillip Islands. Went to few spots such as watching pelican feeding. Pelicans are huge birds with long, large beaks, weird funny appearance but they stink like hell. Stupid, smelly, long-legged, greedy, dumb creatures.

Next stop, we went to A'Maze n Things. This is the place with all the illusions, puzzles, and maze. Had a fun time trying out this and that which I can't really describe. One of the highlights of this place was the slide. Boy, it was a 90 Degrees fall man. It gives you the initial feeling of committing suicide.

And then, of course not forgetting, was the wildlife farm. And while the wildlife farm had alot of kangaroos, wallabies, pademelons, wombats, emus, birds and so forth, I think we had more flies around us than all those added together. Flies were storming around us, and they were really such a pest. It kinda disrupted our sight-seeing. Well, this is summer in Australia. But over all, it was a damn great time because we got to hand feed the wallabies, kangaroos, and pademelons. Their saliva were all over my palm! And they had their paws on my hands, and I can even feel their teeth. Man, closest to wildlife I've been was this.

Next stop was The Nobbies. Which sounded really like The Noobies to me. Here, nothing much except for a spectacular scenic view, and of course, not forgetting the pleasant surprise of catching a few penguins in their burrows by the hills. And lastly, was the penguin parade. We sat for an hour plus, in freezing cold weather, while we waited for those clumsy little penguins to come ashore. It was worth the wait though. They were organised little creatures, marching together like cute little animal soldiers.

The city here is alright. We got around the city using trams. Not bad, a very convenient and efficient mode of transportation. I've tried few kinds of food here, namely Vietnamese, Shanghai, and the newest one which I've just eaten and feeling in my stomach right now, GREEK FOOD. Boy, Greek food was super great man. All the meat, the seafood, and of course not forgetting, the wine! Man, I'll be here for so many days more, I bet I'm gonna get fat with all these food. Went shopping abit, but the things are so expensive. The moment you convert the price to RM, you don't feel like buying anymore. Oh yea, and of course, what I love most was the street performers. Varied and interesting.

Anyway, gotta sign off now. It's another one day trip tomorrow and I bet it'll be exhausting as ever. Going off to Mornington for some sight-seeing and cherry-picking. Not really my cup of tea but hell, who cares?? It's Australia here and not Malaysia, so anything goes! Updates if I have the time.

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