Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Adventures Down Under 3

From left : Momma, Colin, Me

Nothing much these few days. Yesterday was Colin's convocation, the main reason we are over here in Australia. It was one of those weird days, where it rained in Australia although its summer. Eddie said we were lucky to see it. Well, bro's convo was alright, not super grand, yet meekly elegant. I had a great time with Eddie's SLR camera, turning me into my bro's professional photographer. The list was long, and it was a boring time, looking at all the people in regalia go up and down the stage. Then at night, we went to where bro used to work to eat some Malaysian food. Boy, the food reminds me of home. We had a great time, all six of us, eating and drinking wine. It was a real good night, and shortly after home, I was unconscious.

Well, the day before, we went to the city to snap Colin's graduation photo. At night, we went to Docklands, a beautiful harbour with cafes all around. Took some photos there before heading to Crowns, a shopping mall cum casino. Didn't have time to enter the Casino but we went to a cafe in Crowns to celebrate Colin's graduation and also Joyce's birthday. Had a Corona which caused 9 Aussie Dollars. That's really cut-throat. After that, we sat outside and waited for the hourly fireblast display at Crowns, which was a beautiful sight to behold. A great day it truly was. Here are some beautiful shots.

Standing in the Alpha Beta parking lot.

3 blind mice?

Bola Jiwa.

Today, we went to a church my bro frequents over here. It was a great church, the people and of course, the music. City Life, a rather lively and interesting church. Had quite a time there, exposing myself to a church that's so different from my own, from the setting to the way everything is done. After church, we caught a bus back to city, had lunch, and headed to St.Kilda for the arts and crafts market. A real BORING hell of a time. Ugly, expensive, feminine stuff. Ugh. A masculine man like me finds it totally disgusting to walk around these stuff.

Tomorrow, we will be going to Great Ocean Road, and we'll be staying a night out because it's a long drive. So, won't be blogging till Wednesday or late Tuesday I suppose. And Wednesday will be an interesting day. It's Phantom of the Opera day. Hoho. That's something I look forward to. Cheers!


Fusion16 said...

Wow. U look like ur having fun. =)
Anyway, just dropping by to say hi. Take care bro.

Clarence-sama said...

fusion16 : yo bro, its fun over here. how u doing?

Fusion16 said...

I'm doing good, bro. Hope ur doing well too. XD

timothy wong said...

yo yo.... din know you revived your blog..... looks quite the happening in australia man... merry christmas :)

Clarence-sama said...

tim : eh bro,it has alwis been 2 revive it?lol,anw,yeh its nice here.merry christmas 2 u was canada btw?

Dormiens said...

Bro. What with the mohawk hairstyle? Lolz. Anyway, Jessica Ho back with you all? Guess she doesn't really like us AGC-ians...XD

Clarence-sama said...

dormiens : yo bro. stpm's over. so im doing everythin crazy now. haha next i'll go skinhead maybe. jessica? she's goin US soon i heard. not reli sure. lol. wat have u AGC-ians done to her?

jenn said...

hey clarence. i've changed my blog URL to

The Hedonese said...

Sounds and looks like fun! :)