Saturday, June 16, 2007

The A-Z of Currently

Currently :
a) Finding my niche.
b) Trying to finish up all the loads of work I have.
c) Freaking out for tomorrow's sharing during worship.
d) Discovering my favourite past-time.
e) Listening to Sufjan Stevens.
f) Pissed off with my voice.
g) Having an interesting conversation with my long time friend.
h) Trying to finish up blogging so that I can go on a dota date wid MJB.
i) Rebuild my life little by little.
j) Not happy.
k) Reflecting on life.
l) Motivating myself to study with the prospect of going to UK.
m) Realising there's more to life than what I've experienced so far.
n) Trying to understand certain things about love and relationship.
o) Lost in my own world.
p) Craving for an explosive event or incident to take place.
q) Mourning for my dead hermit-crab - Patrick the Starfish.
r) Loving someone.
s) Destressing myself.
t) Unhappy with my mother's new hairdo.
u) Thinking what to write for the next currently.
v) Feeling so-so.
w) No more currentlys I guess.
x) Filling up space.
y) Filling up more space.
z) Just finished filling up all the space.

* I want to turn this desire and dream into reality. Lord, I do not ask where art Thou because it is I who had forsaken Thee.


Dormiens said...

Sup bro? Thinking of going to UK also like your brother?

Clarence-sama said...

definitely dude. but dono whether can or not r u anyway?