Friday, January 12, 2007


I would say, life is choices-filled. Everyday, we have to make a choice, a decision. Whether it is right or wrong, there would be no turning back. I'm often confident, sure, and proud of all I do, including all the choices I make. But today, this confidence is broken. I no longer feel that my choices were right. In fact, I feel like every single thing I've decided before was wrong. Was the pride in me the reason I feel a tinge of regret now in the choices I made? Nothing can be changed about the past, but the future's always mine to alter. Or rather, the future's mine to alter, in line with God's will. Yes, I've learnt my lesson. Never again will I make any foolish decisions like I did before. Even so, I'm human and I'm weak. But in my weaknesses, His strength is made perfect. Lord, be with me in every choice I make, every day. These are my rants.

~ Love is a choice ~


Anna Yong said...

Hey.. I agreed with everything you said except for the last line..
I believe that love is also a commitment, not just a choice.

I hope you're doing well.. I miss you and all the rest from Ipoh! Send my regards, okay? God Bless! =)

Anonymous said...

candyman, candyman.
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