Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Michael's Acquittal

King Of Pop : Michael Jackson

It's been ages since i last wrote but something struck me to get this blog going on again. I'm not interested in writing stuff about myself here (e.g. my personal things or diary-like entries). Instead, I'm much more into things that concerns Christianity, current affairs, or just plainly my thoughts/opinions on some things (e.g. movie, book, song). What struck me to get this going on again (as you can read from the title) was the acquittal of the infamous King of Pop - Michael Jackson - from all counts. I've always been on his side for no particular reason and I believe he's innocent. I did not know of his acquittal till I heard from one my dumb friends (who calls him a child molester 24/7 in front of me). On hearing the news, I became overjoyed for words, again for no particular reason. I neither like Jackson's looks nor adore his style of dressing but yet i supported him all the time. Funny guy you may say but then again not that funny after all.

After some thought about this matter, I finally came to a conclusion that I was on Jackson's side due to how the defense presented their case. The way they rejected every single charge with indisputal logic and irrefutable evidence was the winning point in this case. On the other hand, Jackson's accuser had a rather weak credibility as she was portrayed by the defense as a welfare cheat who brought a trumped-up lawsuit against J.C. Penney, accusing store guards of roughing her and her family up. With just that, it's already a sure-win case for Jackson even from the very beginning.

Jackson is not my idol or what but I really hope that people will learn to respect him in the future and not simply labelling him a child molester. Every human is a sinner and even if Jackson was guilty, it is not right for us to look at him as a sick freak and pass rude comments about him. In the Bible, Jesus saved a woman who was about to be stoned by saying let him who has never sinned cast the first stone. Jesus also taught us in the book of Luke not to simply pass judgement or condemnation. Let us not judge people by the way the look (just because Jackson had surgery who turned him from a nigger into a white guy with pointy nose, it doesn't mean he's a monster) and if we could practice this, I'm sure the world will be a whole lot better place for us to live in.


yohanand said...

hey ass... u got a problem wif me callin him a molester 24/7 hahaha.. how can u quote a scripture like "throw d 1st stone bla bla" 4 michael la... im sure dat women din molest children.. neway sori bout dat.. my opinion la... neway... i started bein against him after watchin oprah wher she talked 2 lisa marie presley.. n after hearin all dat... how he married 16 year old lisa marie behind her moms back.. eventhough her mom told him she waz 2 young.. dat showed me what kinda person he is... neway... hopefully they record him on video now.. n put him behind bars

Maverick said...

very well written... never knew you wrote a blog in the first place, though... hahaha. anywayz, be sure to drop by mine, kayz?

~verus rara avis~