Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Dark Side Of National Service

Otto Von Bismarck

One of the things I've dreaded most ever since the NS programme started is that I'll be one of the 'lucky' ones selected. Today, that dread no longer hold me. For those that are still in the dark, here's the website to check -
I can't prove that this is final but rumours have it that it is. Well, if getting selected for NS is considered 'lucky', I'll rather have bad luck instead and indeed I got what I wanted - that is mere bad luck.

For me, NS is not only a waste of time, enery, cost and effort but also a factor in the rise of crime rates such as molestation, rape and so on. The government and people can babble all they want about the pros of NS but in reality, it's just another lie. Do people really learn anything in NS? Everything is made up - the advantages, the benefit - it's all a fantasy which the government desires. Well, the one and only advantage of NS which I can think of is it keeps you physically fit. This is because half of the programme involves physical activities. But then again, this so-called advantage brings harm too because it is these physical activities that creates opportunity for trainers/trainees to unleash their lust. So do we now consider this advantage an advantage still or disadvantage instead? Discipline? Independency? These are values which could never be attained in National Service.

I am not against the government but this is my view concerning the National Service. If the government would drop the idea of this programme and spend time and money on some more promising programmes instead, I am sure less troubles will occur and the sexual crime rates will definitely go down. I thank God I'm not chosen (I've been praying since last year =p) but if I was, I'll still accept it with a grateful heart. The only problem now is that I only assume that I'm not chosen. Who knows whether there is a second or maybe a third badge??


yohanand said...

YEAH BABY... no NS... hallelujah.. y d hell do i keep cmin 2 dis damn blog...

discordant_dude said...

Hey bro, cool blog you have. Keep up the writing. My beef on NS:

saRah said...

it's a bloody waste of three months. period.


Henry Yew said...

Awww... Clarence. Just four words to say it all:

Too bad. So sad.


Anonymous said...

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