Friday, September 04, 2009

Train Of Thoughts

Here's what I think of Hishamuddin and his brain (if he has one).

Below are extracts of a news article from Malaysiakini.

Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said those involved in the 'cow-head' protest in Shah Alam last week cannot be blamed for the controversy.

Oh, really, Mr. Home Minister sir? Then who should we blame instead? The people who proposed the relocation of the Hindu temple? The innocent residents of Shah Alam? The poor, mutilated cow head? Or somehow, God knows why, Pakatan Rakyat? This is a completely retarded, contradicting statement made by Hishamuddin. It's just as good as saying "Don't blame the murderer for the murder." Yeah, blame the victim instead!

...he [Hishamuddin] said the protesters “had no intention at all to bring the cow's head and invoke racial sentiments or cause tension”.

Right. Somehow, these culprits forgot that the cow is considered sacred to the Indian community. And so, they butchered a cow, dragged its head to the protest, spat, and stepped on it. You see, you can't blame them because so happened, the price of cows went down significantly just one day before their protest. Ain't a cheap and huge animal just perfectly convenient for a religious protest as such? Draws attention to their demands efficiently, eh? You bet, darlings! Blame it on Economics, dear Mr. Home Minister sir!

“They are not going (to be let off) scot-free. But they just feel victimised because they feel there is another valid explanation and had no intention to cause racial (divisions),” he said.

Yes, yes. We are all very confident with your sense of justice, Hishamuddin. These extremists are not going scot-free. They will be let off with a stern warning considering the "fact" that they too are victims in this fracas. And mind you, a VERY stern warning indeed. But why did these "victims" choose to protest over a religious (specifically the Hindu religion) issue using a cow's head? Why not another animal instead? Like chicken or fish? Expensive? No. Controversial? No. Mobile? Yes. Effective? Then again, no. Who would've given a damn if these protesters used a chicken head instead? Nobody. No, cow heads draw attention like Paris Hilton in a marketplace. Therefore, its usage is justified. Now everybody has something to say about this protest. They are making news! Mission completed! And no, creating racial divisions is never one of their objectives. All they wanted was a little fame and popularity.

Hishammuddin said he was told that the “residents did not know the organisers and did not know a cow's head would be brought during the demonstration”.

I do not know how far this statement is true. But I will never ever give Hishamuddin benefit of the doubt because he doesn't deserve it. Not with all his Keris wielding antics fresh in our memories. I'm sure some of the residents were innocent, but definitely not all. Come on, these bloody protesters are the residents themselves!

“When we sat and discussed this, they (said they) realised that they were in a situation they could not control.”

Yeah, I'm pretty sure they had this obsessive compulsion with cow heads that they could not control their overwhelming urge to spit and step on God's creation. Why, they must be waging hell of a war within themselves. And the devil inside won.

He further defended the protesters, saying that “they just wanted their voices to be heard”.

“All they wanted to do was to voice their unhappiness and the unwillingness of the state government to consider their request.”

Well, all we heard was a bunch of twisted, sick, demented extremists calling for bloodshed in this country. To me, they are no better than the bloodthirsty Orcs who lust for war in the history of Warcraft. Believe me, the seed of hatred has been sown in this country, among the different races. And it takes just one stupid incident for that to happen. There are many other ways to be heard. Wearing black, candelight vigils, marching and submitting memorandums but definitely not this way.

“However it was unfortunate that the protest was given negative publicity because it was linked to religious and racial sentiments,” he said.

So now, according to our ever wise Mr. Home Minister, the media is to be blamed for painting this issue black. The media is responsible for inciting hatred and creating racial tensions due to their tendency to exaggerate things. ARE YOU STUPID, HISHAMUDDIN? When the media reports facts, it's called negative publicity. No wonder we never get any decent news through mainstream media. They are all filtered and carved to your pleasure for positive publicity. And so, we get LIES and not FACTS. Just like how you want us to believe that you waving the Keris at the UMNO Youth General Assembly was merely to dig your shit-full nose.

“So if it can be resolved quickly and both sides understand each other, why (should) they be penalised?” said Hishammuddin.

Let me slap you, Hishamuddin, and then give you an elaborate explanation of my action. In return, you tell me in detail why you disapprove of my action so that we have a mutual understanding. Then, let me slap you again and don't ask questions or ask for actions to be taken against me. Dear Mr. Home Minister, every action has its consequences. It's time to wake up, and live in the now, sir. Your very statement defines your concept of a country where anybody can do anything without any consequences as long as they understand each other. Didn't you mention that none of the protesters are going scot-free? And now you're asking why should they be penalised? Dino brain.

Although the protestors reportedly did not have a permit the minister said “the protest was not big and they (organisers) were very respectful of the Selangor sultan”.

“They even limited the number of people from the committee to only 10. In fact if they wanted to have a bigger protest they could have, but they were conscious (of the impact).

What in the world has this got to do with the Sultan of Selangor? Is he a Hindu? The question should rather be: Were they respectful of the Indian community? Did they consider the sentiments of other races before protesting? Is this a subtle threat, Hishamuddin? In other words, are you saying, "Don't mess with these protesters. Just drop the issue. Or it's gonna go big-scale."? Whether it's a big or small protest, it really doesn't matter. The impact of any protest doesn't lie in the number of people involved but rather the nature and implementation of the protest itself. If they were really conscious of the impact, this cow head protest wouldn't have happened. The very reason this protest is fatal and damaging to our country is how it was done. Period.

“Even the Hindus are not passionate about the relocation of the temple to the area,” he claimed.

Now he blames the Selangor government for the poor decision. Why can't the temple be relocated to a predominantly Malay area? Are you Malays that racist? You gonna kill every single Indian you see walking your streets and breathing your air? It's just madness. This conservative, extremist mentality is just what Malaysia does not need at this moment. And you claim to speak for all the Hindus. Interview them, get their names, and publish their statements. Even if the Hindus in that area are not passionate about the relocation, it doesn't mean they are not passionate about their religion. It doesn't justify one bit what these crazy ass protesters did, which was a downright major insult to the nationwide Indian community.

On a personal note, Hishammuddin felt the protest “in this day and age should be accepted in this world, as the people want their voices to be heard”.

“If we don't give them room to voice their opinions, they have no choice but to protest. (But) regardless of the action they take, they have to adhere to the laws of the country. So they have to be responsible,” he said.

So, cow head protests should be accepted around the world? Go do it in the middle of Bombay, dear Mr. Home Minister. The government is suppressing freedom of speech and opinion. That was why so many PEACEFUL protests took place. Why didn't you, Hishamuddin, stand up for those people? But you choose to side with this violent group of fanatics. Aren't you a big, fat, huge hypocrite? What you say is utter bullshit, just to please the ignorant public. Go fix your political masters if you mean what you say.

The police, he added, will investigate the incident to identify who brought the cow's head to the protest, in addition to conducting their usual probe into the protest because “no one is above the law”

Investigate? Is that all they can do given their capacity of power? The police acted swiftly and instantly whenever there were protests. Peaceful ones, mind you. Where were the tear gas and batons we were all waiting to see in the cow head protest? Investigate? Big deal. Peaceful protests, with quite a significant number of people (played down by the mainstream media), and yet the police were able to identify and cuff the people they need to on the spot. But now? Heck, we even have photos and videos of the person stepping on the cow's head (with protesters around) and no arrests were made? On the spot? One day after? Two days after? Given that this was just a small protest, according to you, why is it so difficult to identify the culprits? No one is above the law? Oh no. You, Hishamuddin, is above the law because you bend the law to your will. And the same goes for your cow head protest friends.

Hishamuddin, you are a disgrace to mankind, our nation, and your father. You are the reason why 1Malaysia will always remain a dream far too big for the dreamer.

You should just step down.


Anonymous said...

Bravo! Will we be seeing this in any alternative news sources soon? =D

wadefish said...

you mean the complete article on this? you can try The Star, but with all the filtering, i doubt there will be any real news left..

Jun said...

Those are real motherfuckers.

Malessa Rz said...

couldnt agree more, clare! *thumbs up* :)

yohanand said...

I agree with all the things you said except for one thing. he is not siding with the fanatics, he is a fanatic himself.

wadefish said...

jun: malaysia will well turn into another thailand or iraq if this goes on.

mal: thanks, mal. =)

yo: hahaha, bru. yesyes, he is one hell of a keris waving fanatic.

erictbk said...

Hats off!!! great say!!! Cant agree more!!

Sycorax said...

very good one

mike said...

if you stood in his shoes, what would you have done?

wadefish said...

bern: thanks, bru.

mike: i would not have made unnecessary and unintelligent statements like he did.

evon said...

hey clarence, its great to see someone else being very politically aware..very nice article btw!!

wadefish said...

evon: thanks alot =) if we as citizens wont, who else would care? which evon are you, btw?

joe said...

hmmm. i love that last line. n 2 think that his father n grandfather were both ppl who fought so hard 4 racial harmony.

wadefish said...

joe: these are the ministers malaysia will do better without. what's worse is that in the end, we discover that these culprits are none other than those walking the corridors of power themselves.. good read below.

evon said...

its evon ngoi here..haha..keep writing...i'll keep should hang out when i get back to sem onli starts end of this month

Arliexzter Szereal said...

This on MalaysiaKini? careful with the ISA bro, haha!!
Well said! next time we'll drag some char siew to (their place) instead and see what he say...

wadefish said...

evon: ahh. evon!!! lol. sorry for asking yeah. cause you're not the only evon around. you shouldve intro-ed!! hehe. yup sure. how come your sem starts so late? haha. if you keep checking, you'd be disappointed. i'm a passive, lazy blogger..

couz: hahaha. thanks man. if you really bring char siew, itu masuk ISA terus... LOL.

Se3keR said...

Hey have a good post here and all your current ones are fantastic as well...anyway I guess you have made an effort to be consistently aware about our current political situation. It's good to have such patriot among our generation...thumbs uP!!

wadefish said...

kianhin: thanks, bro! we want to see improvement, we want to see change. it's all for the love of our country.

Anonymous said...

I am a Malaysian. Sad to see this country is going down... *sigh*

wadefish said...

anonymous: yes. but doesn't mean we have to stay apathetic. we're the change. =)

Anonymous said...

Wadefish, I suspect the reason Pakatan won in such a big way in the last GE is because of youths like us. Youth who has sources of news other than the trad. newspaper (think Malaysiakini and blogs) get more accurate info to make decisions related to the election.

wadefish said...

anonymous: yes, these sources are definitely giving people the real version of things happening in this country. lets just hope we keep this momentum going and come the next GE, we are going to see a major CHANGE.

Anonymous said...

*crosses fingers*