Sunday, June 14, 2009

How I Discovered I Was A Mutant

14th June 2009

It all started on a calm Sunday morning. I woke up at about 0715 to prepare for morning worship in church. As usual, I took my bath. Before we continue on, let me briefly explain certain necessary facts. The water piping system in every house differs. For mine, the shower and the tap share a common pipeline. This means that the usage of one affects the other. For example, if I'm using the shower and at the same time, I turn on the basin tap, the volume of water that flows out from the shower head will be disrupted and reduced. It's a very basic and common theory; thus, never really caught my attention before this. However, a strange occurence this morning compelled me to record this down; in the event anything untoward happens to me.

Let's pick up from where we stopped. As I was bathing, I turned on the tap to rinse my mouth. As expected (inferred from the theory above), less water flowed out from the shower head I was holding. I carried on bathing without much notice until I decided to take a leak. I was holding the shower head while urinating when I realised the flow of water was still disrupted. I turned my head around to check if I left the tap running; strange enough, I didn't. And so, mildly surprised, I decided to put the shower head back in place. When I did that, things returned to normal. Dismissing some ridiculous ideas in my head, I concluded that the piping system was probably messed up.

The water was a little too cold in the morning. I turned the water heater on and resumed bathing. After awhile, a warm feeling enveloped my body. The joy of heater, I thought. It felt good at first but when it gradually grew warmer, I began to feel uncomfortable. Thinking it was the water, I tried adjusting the heat level - to no avail. Soon, the warmth turned into a burning sensation and I turned the shower off altogether. I began to freak out when the heat did not subside. In a moment of panic, I rushed out of the shower and managed to turn the heater off before I was barbecued alive.

I told my mom I wasn't feeling too well for church that day and locked myself in the room. In my towel, I sat and thought to myself. After one too many ideas flooded my mind, I could no longer sit and think. I plucked my courage and went into the bathroom. With one hand, I held the shower head. I turned the water on and the flow was normal. Then, I took a deep breath and started to urinate. To my horror, the flow of water was disrupted and significantly reduced. I was functioning like the basin tap! I did another experiment with the heater and achieved the expected results. I soon realised that my body hacked into every system I was in contact with and fused with it. Stunned and speechless, I walked out of the bathroom a naked man.

I do not yet know the extent of my powers in detail but what I do know is that I could no longer live in the same community anymore. I had to leave. I put some clothes on, packed my stuff, wrote a note, and left the house before my mom came home. In that note, it says:

Dear Mom,

I'm sorry to leave on such a short notice but it's a decision I have to make with a heavy heart. I'm not sure if you were aware of this or you were hiding my true origins from me all along. I found out today that I'm different from all of you and I could no longer live in a community of normal beings. If I stay, my true nature would soon be exposed and chaos would follow. I do not want to put the family at risk; most importantly, put you at risk with the authorities and the inconsiderate majority living in fear of my kind. I do not want to endanger you, mom. Time is running out. Live well.

With love,


And so, I walk a lonely road in search of answers, my brethren, and acceptance.

The road of a mutant.


sis said...

wat nonsense..but guess wat? we are of the same species..poor mom..:)

wadefish said...

what nonsense ha. oo, you mean your mutant too? what's your powers?

BER said...

rili ar?? seriously???

sis said...

come on,connect with me..i'm reading your mind!

Anonymous said...

lol.continue writing about your adventure of being a mutant :)

wadefish said...

ber: yes. very serious. look at my serious face. *shows serious face*

sis: you're having same powers with xavier. very unfair kinda mutanic powers.

shu: oh, you actually still read my blog. im honoured. =D muahaha. need to wait for some mutant inspiration.

Arliexzter Szereal said...

damn that was just.. oh so stupid XD XD one of your "releases" or "masterpieces" i suppose? XD XD

wadefish said...

lol. i take "stupid" as a compliment. =D and no, this is not any masterpiece. just another random post out of boredom.

karmen said...

interesting.. I thought what was happening.. haha.. at least it made me read till the end.. haha.. how are u piggy bro? I miss you.. whn can we hang out? u din take me out for such a long time already.. sobx..

wadefish said...

hey piggy sis. im fine here. how bout you? really no news from you since you went out. guess i have to catch up with you when you're back. miss you too. will take you out the next time we're both in ipoh, okie? promise! =)

karmen said...

I'm still surviving here. Hehe.. Thank God!!! I don't really like it here actually. Finding hard to fall in love with science. However, I'm still waiting for my teaching course. Results will be out on Wednesday. If I get it, I'll bid here farewell.. Muakaka.. But still.. don't know what will happen. I wanted to contact u de.. but dunno where u are or what u doing.. scared disturb u or sumtin leh.. but i got msg aunty sau yee b4 after i left. hehe..

you promised!!! I'll keep that!!! save it first.. hehe.. if u not in ipoh.. i go to kl.. u bring me out.. haha.. :P