Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Barter System

Barter is a type of trade in which goods or services are directly exchanged for other goods and/or services, without the use of money.

I'll trade my...

1) guitar skills for better drumming skills.

2) drumming skills for better vocals.

3) DotA skills for better 02jam skills.

4) 02jam skills for better Guitar Hero skills.

5) football skills for rugby skills.

6) ping pong skills for tennis skills.

7) sports abilities for the ability to dance.
8) agility for flexibility.

9) curly hair for corn-row, mohawk, or an afro.

10) brown eyes for bigger eyes.

11) tanned skin for some height.

12) 26GB of music for lessons with rock legends.

13) acoustic for an electric.

14) HP laptop for a high-end desktop.

15) Samsung U600 for an iPhone.

16) Converse shoes for two pairs of 'em.

17) F30 Adidas boots for a trip to White Hart Lane.

18) close friends for dad.

19) mom's love for me for more of my love for her.

20) girlfriend for my own band.

21) dog Sasha for a fat Persian cat.

22) 3rd semester for my family trip to UK.

23) academic success for knowledge.

24) ability to argue for a better listening ear.

25) ability to talk nonsense for the gift of an orator.

26) ability to write for longer attention span.

27) ability to know for the ability to do.

28) ability to stay awake for some decent sleep.

29) materialism for spirituality.

30) life for an eternal one.

Just needed to get away from the real life for abit.



Anonymous said...

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adrian said...

ill trade height for sum fats in urs..wakaka..Xd

wadefish said...

pls la. nobody wana trade no shit with you noobie.

yohanand said...

ping pong skill??

wadefish said...

dude, i was your partner and we got naib johan okay.. cant be disputed this fact.. haha.