Monday, December 01, 2008

An Uninspired Blogger Writes

It's been two long weeks, but it's finally over!

Just some updates. I was actually in Malacca for about two weeks, preparing and practicing for my drama performance which was on the 28th. It was a stage drama entitled "Wish Upon A Crane" by Centre Stage Productions, in aid of the National Kidney Foundation's Children Dialysis Fund. Practice was boring as I've got nothing much to do. Most of my parts were already sorta perfected before this, so the intense practice was mostly focused on the synchronization of the overture and dance, which Macho Me was not involved in. Nevertheless, I had a fairly nice time sleeping till lunch everyday, waking up to find food, lazing on the couch watching tv, and playing mahjong, while everyone slugged to practice.

On the 24th-27th, I went for the PKV camp in Camerons. In case you don't know, PKV is Persaudaraan Kristian Varsiti for my university. It was a really great experience for me, as I was the leader of a group. Besides the fun, Mr. Lian gave some really good insights during his sessions. Thoroughly enjoyed the camp, though I was soaked to my toes during the treasure hunt. Never have I been in a colder state than that. My teeth were chattering and I was shivering.

So, two weeks were alright, excluding all the travelling I had to do. My entire journey could be summed up by this.

Ipoh > KL > Malacca > KL > Camerons > KL > Malacca > Ipoh.

Long bus rides can kill.

Well, that's all for now. December will be a duper fun month, because I love my mom, I love my friends, I love the food, I love the fun, and they are all here, in dear Ipoh! Gonna enjoy my month here before it's back to the grindstone for me.

A simple post by a boring blogger.


karmen said...

I bet you will enjoy your month in Ipoh. Having this sister, your "cucu(s)", your pals and most of all christmas.. will be good!!! Haha.. Boring piggy blogging bro! :P

pismayka said...

Oi update ur blog la fren!

Anonymous said...

sian... never a new thing when i open your blog... :P ooo.. someone finally linked me... muahahahahaaa....

Anonymous said...

you've been moving alot! =P

hope you're doing fine, take care! =)