Thursday, May 22, 2008

Why Berbatov Should Not Leave Tottenham Hotspur

There's so much nonsense surrounding the future of Berbatov at Tottenham that it's beginning to eat into his mind. Earlier in the season, Berba pledged his allegiance to Spurs. But lately, things are not the same. Berba's agent, and even Berba himself have indicated that we will not see him playing for Spurs next season. Here are some food for thought.

The main reason Berba should not leave Spurs is this. Yes, we all know Spurs is nothing compared to Manchester United, Barcelona, or Real Madrid. They are a growing club. And that's the ultimate reason why we need a big name here. The papers were right. Every time a growing club lands a big name, the rich and famous clubs would buy them over. And this leaves no room for competition. BPL is too predictable. The Big Four will always be the Big Four. There will never be room for breakthrough. Lets divert from Berba for a minute. Take Gareth Barry as an example. Aston Villa. No big club, but yes, given the chance, could be contenders for Champions League. Finished 6th for the season is a huge achievement for Villa, under the brilliant guidance of Martin O'Neill. And then in comes the Big Four with their plan to stop anyone from competing with them. We hear news of Arsenal, even Liverpool, with intentions of buying Gareth Barry, one of the talismanic figures there. And that's what the Big Four are doing to all the clubs in BPL.

Berba is a a unique, talented, creative, and intelligent player. With him in Spurs, chances of breaking in to top four in the league would be greater. But now, we hear news of Manchester United, and other big clubs wanting to buy him. And the nature of man is this - greed. Money can manipulate almost anyone. Berba stated he wanted to play Champions League football and cited that as the main reason he would be moving from Spurs. But Berba, why not give Spurs a chance? I am sure you could play Champions League football if you were to stay in Spurs. Why move to a big club to prove nothing? Just to be another Shevchenko?

You know, no clubs started off big. They grow over time, mostly due to great achievements, namely, trophies. And great achievements are made when you have a great team. And big names are made from great teams. How could any club grow when already established clubs cut off every single source of growth whenever their position is threatened? Am I giving biased opinions and comments? No.

Look at the season that has just ended. Against the Big Four, Spurs have produced unbelieveable results for a club of their size. In the Carling Cup competition, Spurs thrashed Arsenal 5-1 and eventually went on to win the trophy, beating Chelsea 2-1 in the finals. In the league, they drew with Manchester United, and they could have won, if it wasn't for Tevez who equalized in stoppage time. They came back from 3-1 to draw 4-4 with Chelsea in another breath-taking encounter. Spurs are a great club and they are meant for great things.

So, Berba, why not have faith in the club like all your mates do? With experienced players like Robbie Keane, Ledley King, Woodgate, Malbranque and talented young figures like Huddlestone, Lennon, and O'Hara, I am sure next season would be much more interesting. IF Berba were to stay with the team.

I hope you read this, man.


Wei Ken said...

never knew you were a fan of tottenham lol anyway, hi! =)

wadefish said...

yo bro! me spurs fan since f4 la. how are you la? long time no c man.

Steven Chang said...

since f4? then before that support who? I'm curious to know!=p

wadefish said...

before that ah. sad to say, due to the innocence of childhood, i supported man. united. but as i grow and mature, i know which club's better ( better as in all other sense except for standings in the league ). HAHA.

Anonymous said...

"Berba is a a unique, talented, creative, and intelligent player".
I agree, thats why he's at the greatest club in the world now.

"But Berba, why not give Spurs a chance? I am sure you could play Champions League football if you were to stay in Spurs. Why move to a big club to prove nothing?"

I think this cant only be a fantasy for Ramos.

Here's an update on the current condition of all amazing tottenham players mentioned:

Berbatov => Sold to Man U
Robbie Keane => Sold to Liverpool
King => Played in only 2/8 games
Malbranque => Sold to Sunderland
Huddlestone & Ohara => Not first team

All players sold are performing magnificently, prob except Keane with his miskicks. But the question now is why did they sell them? Tottenham chairman, "Why so GREEDY?"

- yolanda