Thursday, August 30, 2007

Of Fireworks & Independence

30th August 2007. The eve of our 50th Merdeka celebration. The rain started pouring some time ago. I wish it'd stop - I really want to watch fireworks with Daphne. Anyways, just taking some time to blog before I get ready to go out. Here I am, in front of my computer, listening to Paper Lace's The Night Chicago Died. Somehow, this milestone that my country is reaching sparks something within.

To say I'm patriotic is a lie. But this Merdeka is seriously different. For the first time, I can feel the anticipation of the coming day, the excitement to celebrate Merdeka with citizens in the country. And yes, honestly I can say, I can't wait to watch fireworks, and count down to 31st August 2007 at the field opposite my school. Guess, (though I hate to admit this), I love my country after all.

Recently, I read an article in the New Straits Times written by Brian Yap, on what being Merdeka means to him. I agree on most of the points mentioned especially when Brian pointed out that, in truth, there's NOTHING special about Malaysia at all. Talk about durians? They are found in neighbouring countries. Multi-ethnicity? Some countries are even more diverse than us. Our moderate view as a country with Islam as the national religion? Turki's an Islamic country, and her views are moderate as well.

So what makes Malaysia special after all? What Brian pointed out was that, it is US, the citizens, the individuals in this country, that makes Malaysia a unique, and special country. Yes, we should appreciate what our forefathers did in fighting for Independence. But the very fact that most of us don't even exist during that time only shows that there's nothing to gloat about after all, over the achievements and everything. We did not contribute to anything leading to our country's freedom, so how can we take credit for anything? Let us instead look at the present. How can we continue to live, to create a legacy, like what our forefathers did. It's time for us to change some of our attitudes, and to realise the fact that Malaysia is only special, because of the people themselves that dwell here.

Fireworks. I love them. Especially when you're enjoying it with someone you love. Tonight is a special night for me. For Daphne. I'm excited, happy, and looking forward. I'll be meeting my childhood pals, Andrew & Vincent, too. Somehow, with all this, I cannot but for a moment forget the anxiety of my upcoming STPM trials.

Happy 50th Independence Day, Malaysia. <3


Anonymous said...

some one you love? screw u man. u treat her like shit. stop saying you love her when you dont even know how to treat her well. swt~!

Clarence-sama said...

are you jealous? lol. dude, u're childish.

Anonymous said...

me? jealous? i dont need to be jealous. i hav wat i hav. i felt sorry for daphne only thats all. if i am childish then u wil be worst than me. look into the mirror before u start talking bout me which u dont even know who am i.

Clarence-sama said...

firstly u don hav the guts to let me knw hu u are. dats childish enuf. alright, mayb daph deserves someone beta. but she chooses me. so, whats ur prob? lol. i bet u're jealous. she loves me. so what can u do bout it? not happy? feel sorry? den do sth bout it. dont whine like a dog in my blog. and please, my blog is for the educated. poorly educated barbarians like u, go back 2 ur own blog n post kiddy posts for your kiddy audience.