Friday, September 22, 2006

Sonnet 0125656707

Fine morning,
Birds were singing,
Smooth sailing,
They were laughing.

Mutual attraction,
Strong affection,
Love in action,
Near perfection.

A sudden storm,
Killed the norm,
The reigning storm,
Marred the form.

Laughter ceased,
Conversations missed,
Hostility increased,
In silence hissed.

Nobody understands,
How love transcends,
Through the rain,
Though in vain.

22 September 2006

** product of extreme boredom during lessons.


daph said...

so despo till must put your phone number there mehh?


Clarence-sama said...

jealousy consumes you.

daph said...

SWT. jealousy consumes ME?!
your head larhh.
i meow ypu =]

daph said...


Maverick said...

Hey dude. It's a great poem! It sounds very deep... although a more appropriate title would have been better. 'Tis too long, think you not? Haha.

~verus rara avis~

Clarence-sama said...

thanks bro. am stil thinking of a better title. btw, dats my hp number. LOL.

-[NJ]- said...

Heya! Nice poem, albeit the length of it. XD.

publicising ur number on the net, ey? hahah.

siewwei said...

yo long didn't visit ur side adi...wat la u wanna let ppl know ur desperate meh!!!nice poem anyway

green vodka said...

it's good stuff =)

Fiona said...

i like the poem. nice rhyming..=)