Monday, March 13, 2006

The Hall Of Fame Gone Wrong

I thank God, my Lord! I thank mom. I thank every single person in the world and yet not some. These are the ones that almost or could have destroyed my very future if it were not for the grace of God and some effort I made. To these people : You're excluded from my thank-list.

But, don't be discouraged. You are in another list. The hate-list. No doubt my words are harsh, but who would understand the misery of being targeted like targets for two whole years?? And to live the life I lived for such a period would be hell for any sane human. Well, at least something like hell. Telling me to shut up right now would be senseless in any sense.

And thus, the ceremony begins. The first person to be inducted into Clarence's Hall of Hate would be the infamous pants-pulling, jokes-cracking, table-thumping and words-slurring son of a gun - Ng Yi Sung. Apart from looking sleepy all the time, this guy's a GREAT Physics teacher. Oh, yea! Believe that! His well-known feats includes making a fool out of himself, entertaining the class as a clown, and being a total failure. And of course, not forgetting to mention his infamous catchphrase "You want to die ah?" That, my friends, is the mentality of a Physics teacher, a little over half a century in age. Imagine then how good it is to have a Physics teacher as described above. My sincere thanks goes to Mr.H.C.Lim, my tuition teacher for Physics. Without him, I would have been ensnared in the world of that lunatic. This concludes the induction of our first Hall Of Hater, Ng Yi Sung. Many cheers to him.

Next in the line would be the Modern Maths teacher, some lady named Chen. Sadly, I can't even remember her name. Oh well, who needs to anyway? I'm nobody to condemn anybody but this lady definitely looks ugly. Putting that aside, she thought all of us were a sick sad bunch of freaks. We were like thorns in her side. One of her favourite past time would be scolding the crap out of us. Words like "stupid", "useless" were often heard throughout the scolding. Even when nobody did anything wrong, the scolding would still be on. It has become a habit for her, a habit which made her a mad woman and much older. If we could overlook all that, she was quite a good teacher. Anyways, my little heart-felt thanks still goes to her. Guess we'll have to look at the little bright side of someone, eh? Second one down.

Now, in order to cut short my blabberings which some of you might not even understand, I would go to our final and also most outstanding Hall Of Hater. And the award goes to (drum roll), Deh-warnei Dust. This was the woman who made my life a living hell. This was the woman who made me hate my sciences. This was the woman who made me hate every inch of her. For some sort of reason, I've always been her bullseye. No matter what it was and no matter who was the culprit, I would always be the scapegoat. Besides getting fired when I wasn't even opening my gap, I would get into all sorts of trouble with her. It's quite difficult to put down in words what I've been through with her but I'm sure some of my classmates could attest to what I've said. The fact that I'm Dust's favourite target is as well known a fact as the sun exists. I'm not exaggerating but trust me, if those people in Hitler's concentration camp were alive today, they would be taking pity on me. I've made a vow to myself not to thank her no matter what grades I get. And indeed, this day, I am not thanking her one bit. She did not help me in anyway in Chemistry and I never needed her help. With that, I officially welcome our three new Hall Of Hater. Enjoy!

P/S : To all the victors in the battle, my salutations to you for triumphing in this big chapter of your life. To all my brothers and sisters in Christ, to God be the glory and may we never cease to praise Him all the remaining days of our lives. To those who are deeply moved with what I wrote above, if you are facing or faced such situations, remember, be patient just like I have been and you will triumph eventually. Love your enemies, for if you love those who love you, what benefit is that to you? For even sinners love those who love them. The Word of The Lord lives forever. Amen.

** Names used above have been changed to avoid controversies.

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good ending huh?! Keep up ur GOOD writing skill k? kekekeke :p