Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Battle

The struggle got heavier. Each second seemed like forever. He wouldn't give up. Neither would I. Both of us fought intensely. I stood my ground, he stood his. After a long period of win-win situation, I mustled up all the energy I could find. I gave it all I could and I pushed. It's not working. I pushed again. Harder this time. But to my dismay, he was as solid as a rock, not even budging. It has been an hour but still everything remained as it was. He was once the source of my energy but now he was the source of my pain. I stopped for a moment, trying to catch my breath. Sweat was all over me. The air inside the room was intoxicated with a foul smell. Probably due to the emission of a certain gas from his body. I couldn't stand it anymore. I told myself that I have to get out of here. Though my body was weak and exhausted, without a single ounce of energy, I pulled myself up. I felt an excruciating pain from the inside. It was as though I could hear him laughing at me. I surrendered to the pain and stopped for a moment or two. I began to look around for something solid which I can push against. The walls beside me looked most inviting. I pushed against them with my bare hands. I was almost standing. This time, a sudden surge of energy occured in me and I victoriously pushed him out. He fell down into the water and there he laid, still and motionless. I heaved a great sigh of relieve. I turned around and looked down at him. He was still in one piece. The water cushioned the fall. A soft wind blew, and I could almost hear a faint voice cursing me. There was only was last thing to do and that was to finish him off. I pulled the handle down. A rumbling sound was heard and water flowed out vigorously with great speed. The water came down on him, crushing him and he went whirling down the hole, lost forever in the seas of waste matter. I stood for awhile, reminiscing the fight that I fought. A soft wind blew past me. I won the battle. The battle of constipation.


Maverick said...

gee, what an account! never has enjoying other people's pain been so fun. haha.

~verus rara avis~

::jen::ni::fer:: said...

ooi budak kotor!!! :P